About Sunday MashUp

Sunday MashUp is a medical newsletter with curated resources from all over medicine. The idea is that being a generalist improves your chances of success.

I'm a medical student of many interests. I do web development, am into sports, music and technology. Sunday MashUp stems from the combination of web development, writing and medicine.

But more importantly, I couldn't find something similar on the web. Large publishing companies have newsletters, but they're boring, full of complex medical jargon and only focus on research. Sunday MashUp is different. I write every issue in the simplest way possible with the most interesting resources and perspectives possible.

The one and only goal is to produce great and valuable content by combining many aspects of medicine. Such that a medical student or doctor, who needs to hold so much information, finds every issue genuinely interesting, intriguing and can learn from it. Such that can make Sundays even better and perhaps yield a new idea or inspire.

The idea behind Sunday MashUp is being a generalist. It was first introduced to me in a podcast featuring David Epstein and later also in his book Range. It changed my mind about specialists vs generalists debate…I found "generalism"far more appealing. I started embracing it. I firmly believe this is how you stand out from the crowd.

Medicine is a domain that's extremely wide. That's why the current trend is sub-specialising for a very small area of it. Whereas that's fine, it's arguably not as useful as being a generalist. Sunday MashUp solves that problem and allows you to find out what's going on and what you can learn to widen your domain.

Sunday MashUp is the easiest way of following what’s happening in medicine. It’s an escape from the complexity of medicine and a way to relax, but still learn about its aspects. I usually pick 2-3 topics that I find interesting and useful that week. I then try to combine and look at them from different areas.

The best part is that every issue gets delivered straight to your inbox (on Sundays, obviously) and is available online forever.

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